The JR Mineração enrolled in the CNPJ under number 97.285.456/0001 - 87 of property of João Rene Moreira, for being fulfilling of the environmental laws and the laws that govern the mining, has a multidisciplinary team that provides services for several areas within the mining and environment, such as geological mapping, reforestation, monitoring of mining, environmental compensation, solid waste, among others.

Among the techniques used by JR Mining for environmental preservation, there is the disposal and containment of tailings removed from the mining process; recovery of mined areas; reuse of more than 70% of the water used in its processes; environmental education and awareness actions with employees and the community; planting of trees and preservation of permanent areas. In addition, approximately 7 hectares of native species of the Atlantic Forest ecosystems within the mined area have already been rehabilitated. Thus, there are not only benefits for the company, but also for the environment and the planet!